Goldie Sommer Is A Veteran Attorney

Goldie Sommer is a veteran attorney who has worked to ensure that her clients get the results they are after on every single case. Sommer has a proven track record of success in the legal field, helping clients to resolve their outstanding cases as quickly as possible. Goldie Sommer handled each case with compassion and efficiency. She is not looking to maximize her billable hours in an effort to make as much  money as possible—instead she is trying to ensure that her clients are receiving the very best legal representation that can be offered.

Goldie Sommer founded The Sommer Law Firm, which serves the city of Fairfield, New Jersey, and people in surrounding communities. Goldie Sommer had to learn a great deal in order to become the attorney she is today. Her journey started when she enrolled at the University of Hartford. However, Goldie Sommer soon transferred to Fairleigh Dickenson University, graduating with Magna Cum Laude honors. Goldie Sommer earned her Juris Doctorate from Seton Hall School of Law.

Goldie Sommer has been admitted to the bar in both New Jersey and New York, allowing her to practice law in both states. Before she began working as a property attorney in New Jersey, Goldie Sommer owned a title agency that was very successful. She was also previously working with a Hudson County bank’s commercial mortgage department as their review attorney. The more than thirty-five years of experience in law and real estate that she brings to the table makes her to attorney that every person wants at their table. She also brings a unique perspective as licensed attorney and licensed real estate agent.